Roland HP603-ACR

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Sporting a contemporary rosewood finish, the beautifully compact cabinet of the new HP603-ACR exudes quality and style. Reassuringly it feels and sounds as good as it looks. Available in white and black. Complete with adjustable stool.

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The compact HP603-ACR forms the first part of Roland’s highly acclaimed HP range, marking an exciting new chapter in their 40+ year history of piano development. As such it fills a vitally important position on the showroom floor.

By combining SuperNATURAL sound technology and a finely adjusted PHA-50 keyboard mechanism with 88 keys made of real wood blended with moulded material, the heightened realism that the HP-603-ACR is able to reproduce has to be experienced to be believed.

Although it has a relatively small footprint, there has been no compromise made in the features department here. The player is served with limitless polyphony, Bluetooth (for connecting to tablets and smartphones) and a whole store cupboard of other useful functions to delve into…