Yamaha P-45

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Beautiful in its simplicity of style and ease of use, the P-45 is the take-anywhere, go-to piano for the modern age. It really packs quite a punch, despite its elegant, slender design.

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A common request we receive from customers is for a simple, sensibly priced, easily transported instrument that sounds and feels just like a piano. That’s where a model such as the very popular P-45 will often satisfy these important basic requirements.

It sounds authentic due to the improved AWM synthesis system and feels just right due the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard which has slightly heavier lower notes than the higher notes – just like an acoustic piano. There are powerful stereo speakers to deliver more than enough high quality output for most situations as well as a headphone socket should you prefer to keep it all to yourself.

Another common request is that it must be easy to operate – again making the P-45 an obvious choice. The few buttons that there are allow immediate access to 10 different instrument sounds, metronome and reverb settings etc without fluster. In fact that’s really what the P series is all about – affordable, fuss free piano playing…anywhere you like.